Acuity DEX

Acuity DEX will be a fully decentralized, open source, autonomous, cross-chain, atomic swap cryptocurrency exchange.


Autonomous 😇

The system does not rely on any centralized components that may stop working.

Non-custodial 🔒

Traders maintain control of their own private keys.

Cross-chain 🤓

Trades will be supported between different blockchain technologies, such as EVM (Ethereum), Substrate (Polkadot), Cosmos, Bitcoin.

Atomic Swap ☢️

There is no counterparty risk. If the other trader does not fulfill their obligations the trade will time out and funds can be retrieved.

Anti-debasement 🦄

When used as part of a comprehensive anti-debasement strategy, Acuity DEX can help prevent "boom and bust" market fluctuations.

Automatic 🚀

The self-hosted Acuity DEX bot will automatically handle sell orders. Controller bots can be written in any language.